How Tech and Social Media Are Changing Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

I saw this on Mashable today from contributor Sam Laird and thought it had some great information for those of you in the travel industry.

From mobile apps to deal sites, people use technology more than ever to help find places to go. Technology also helps vacationers enjoy themselves after they reach their destinations. But just how much is technology changing the way we travel?

Nearly one-third of social media users have used a mobile app to find good prices for flights and hotels, and 15% have downloaded an app specific to a certain trip, according to a survey by the market research company Lab42. And just because people are on break, they aren’t necessarily taking a break from their devices. More than 80% of international vacationers use their smartphones while abroad. About 70% post photos to a social network while on vacation, and 46% use services like Facebook and Foursquare to check in to restaurants and other places they visit.

For the full picture of how technology and social media are changing our travel experiences, check out the Lab42 infographic below.

What role do tech and social media play in your trips? Let us know in the comments.